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tsunomy1.jpg (29160 bytes)


introduction Affected Areas and Population
Loss of Boats and Fishing Nets Houses/Hut Damages
Road and Culverts Damages Other Buildings/Assets Damages
Relief and Rehabilitation Operation Relief Camps
Medical Camps Orphaned/Semi-orphaned Children
Water Supply and Sanitation Construction of Temporary Sheds
Tsunami News Environmental and Social Management Framework


December 26, 2004

one of the worst day in the history of south east and south Asian regions.On that black Sunday the Tsunami (Harbor wave) which originated near the Sumatra Island ferociously traveled far and wide and caused havoc and devastation in Indonesia, Thailand, Andaman Nicobar Islands, Srilanka the coastal districts of Tamilnadu, Kerala and Pondicherry.  VILUPPURAM is one of the Tsunami hit districts in Tamilnadu.Viluppuram has a coastal length of nearly 30 Km covering Marakanam and Vanur Panchayat Union.

In Marakanam Panchayat Union

Marakanam Special Gram Panchayat






In Vanur Panchayat

Bommayarpalayam and

Kottakuppam Special Gram Panchayat

are the coastal panchayats having nearly 19 fishermen kuppams (Mutukadu-Azhakankuppam, Vasvan Kuppam, Ekkiyar Kuppam, Kaipanikuppam, Mandavai Pudu Kuppam, Komati Savadi, Anumandaikuppam, Chettinagar, Nochikuppam, Konimedu Kuppam, Mudhaliyar Kuppam, Anichankuppam, Pudukuppam, Chinnamudaliyar Chavadi, Pillai Chavadi, Bommaiyarpalayam, Thandirayam Kuppam, Nadukuppam, Sothanikuppam).  The total populations of these kuppams are nearly 40,000/-.

On that tragic December 26, in the morning around 8.30 AM, the TSUNAMI waves forcefully hit these kuppams causing damage, destruction devastation and decimation in many of the kuppams.  The normal life was totally paralysed.  The hungry waves awfully devoured whatever lives available and demolished whatever materials in the kuppams.

Affected Area and Population

Name of the Kuppam Name of theRevenue Village Affected Population Total
Men Women Children

Tindivanam Taluk

1. Pudu kuppam

1.Keelputhupattu 2,744 3,069 1,025 6,838
2.Anichan kuppam
3.Mudaliyar kuppam

1.Koonimedu kuppam

2.Koonimedu 2,976 3,303 1,108 7,387
2.Nochi kuppam
1.Chetti Nagar 3.Chettikuppam 760 789 273 1,822
1.Anumanthai kuppam 4.Anumanthai 2,382 2,723 900 6,005

1.Keelpettai kuppam

5.Panichamedu 515 552 56 1,123
2.Komutti chavadi kuppam

1.Kaippani kuppam

6.Merkanam (N)

8,424 9,734 3,204 21,362
2.Vasavan kuppam

3.Thazhankuda Alagan    kuppam

4.Ekkiar kuppam 7.Merkanam (S)
5.Mandavai pudu kuppam
6.Muttikadu kuppam
Vanur Taluk

1.Sothani kuppam

1.Kottakuppam 11,228 11,393 3,992 26,613
2.Nadu kuppam
3.Thanthirayan kuppam

4.Chinna mudaliyar chavadi kuppam

5.Indira Nagar
6.Rahamed Nagar
7.Periya mudaliyar chavadi kuppam
8.Periya mudaliyar chavadi Colony

1.Bommaiyarpalayam    Kuppam

2.Bommaiyar palayam

3,058 2,969 1,063 7,090
2.Pillai chavadi kuppam
  Total 32,087 34,532 11,621 78,240

Death toll was so far 49 and it includes more women and children(Breakup given below)

Name of Village Number of Persons Dead
Male Female Children Total
1. Mudaliyar Kuppam 0 11 7 18
2. Nallavadu 0 1 0 1
3. Koonimedu Kuppam 4 11 3 18
4. Anichan Kuppam 1 3 1 5
5. Ekkiyar Kuppam 0 1 0 1
6. Bommaiyar Palayam 1 2 3 6
Total 6 29 14 49

Totally 49 dead bodies were secured in Six Kuppams viz Mudaliyarkuppam, Nallavadu, Koonimedukuppam, Anichankuppam, Ekkiyarkuppam and Bommaiyarpalayam kuppam.  Two people belonging to Kandachipuram village in Tirukoilur block who went to Velankanni were hit by Tsunami but died only after their return to the native village (Kandachipuram). The merciless waves buried coastal people alive and many of the dead bodies were washed ashore later. For list of persons who died due to Tsunami 2004 please click here  

Loss of Boats and Fishing Nets

Wooden Catamaran (without engine) 1019 nos. of worth  Rs 203.80 lakhs.

Wooden Catamaran (with engine) 715 nos. of worth Rs. 143.00 lakhs

FRP Catamaran (without engine) 92 nos. of worth  Rs. 64.40 lakhs

FRP Catamaran (with engine) 1422 nos. of worth Rs. 995.40 lakhs

All other types of Traditional (with engine) 27 nos. of worth Rs. 27.00 lakhs

Mechanised Boat (SIB) 29 nos. of worth Rs. 145.00 lakhs

Boat Engines (OBM) 2114 nos. of worth Rs. 951.30 lakhs

Nets  (in Kgs) 504350    of worth Rs. 2521.75 lakhs

tsunlsboat1.jpg (24202 bytes) tsunlsboat2.jpg (21076 bytes)
tsunasset3.jpg (27332 bytes) tsunlsboat4.jpg (21497 bytes)
tsunlsboat5.jpg (19019 bytes) tsunlsboat6.jpg (19097 bytes)

Houses/Hut Damages

Due to Tsunami Waves, 9500 houses/huts in Coastal Villages and Kuppams were damaged and the belongings of these families were washed away.   About 37,500 persons were evacuated to safer places.  The people in these houses/huts were accommodated in 14 camps.


tsunhsdam1.jpg (26072 bytes) tsunhsdam2.jpg (29142 bytes)
tsunhsdam3.jpg (24097 bytes) tsunhsdam4.jpg (30607 bytes)

Road and Culverts Damages

Description No. Total Length (in KM Amount in (Rs. in lakhs)
Government Bridges 17 -- 1525.00
Government Roads 17 50.000 1178.90
Panchayat Union Roads Vanur Union 8 25.100 400.00
Marakkanam Union 9 20.800 335.00
Panchayat   Roads Vanur Union 17 18.560 178.50
Marakkanam Union 34 38.200 242.10
Town Panchayat-Marakkanam 11 10.900 53.40
Town Panchayat - Kottakuppam 19 7.950 70.20
Total 132 171.51 3983.10


tsunroddam1.jpg (29747 bytes) tsunroddam2.jpg (29057 bytes)

tsunroddam3.jpg (29797 bytes)

Other Buildings/Assets Damages

Cyclone Shelter at Koonimedu, Kaipanikuppam were damaged, the estimate cost for repair works is Rs.14.00 lakhs.

Cyclone Refugee centres 400 no. of huts were damaged, water supply and sanitary arrangements, flood protection wall are to be reapired and renovated the estimate cost is Rs.65.00 lakhs.

Damaged Primary Health Centre at Koonimedu, Kottakuppam, Kaipanaikuppam, Kazheekuppam, Keezhpettai are to repaired, Flood protection wall and Out Patient building and 30 bedded ward at Government Hospital Marakanam are to repaired the estimated cost is Rs.46.00 lakhs.

Damaged AC sheet roof class rooms, Mangalore tiled roof class rooms and flood protection walls in Government High school / Higher Secondary School at Koonimedu, Kottakuppam, Mudaliyar Kuppam, Marakanam, Kazhuperumbakkam and Anumandhai are to be repaired and renovated at a cost of Rs.117.00 lakhs.

Damaged Sub registrar Office at Marakanam is to be repaired at a cost of Rs.5.00 lakhs.

Damaged R1 Quarters, VAO Quarters at Koonimedu, Marakanam and Anumandhai are to be repaired and renovated at a cost of Rs.17.75 lakhs.

tsunbldg1.jpg (29041 bytes) tsunbldg2.jpg (30452 bytes)
tsunbldg3.jpg (23886 bytes) tsunasset1.jpg (26529 bytes)
tsunasset2.jpg (24631 bytes) tsunasset3.jpg (27332 bytes)

tsunasset4.jpg (15640 bytes)

Relief and Rehabilitation Operation

The Tsunami Hit in the Coastal areas of Viluppuram District on 26.12.2004.  The people who were located in the coastal villages of Marakanam and Vanur Blocks were severely affected.

Total 8 revenue villages and (19 fisherman kupparms + 6 other colonies) in 8 village Panchayats and 2 Special Grama Panchayats were affected, nearly 9500 huts were damaged.

Immediately on hearing the news, the District Collector, PO and DRO with local Administrative officials rushed to the spot on the same day to carry out the immediate relief operations.

The Panchayat Union Officials of Vanur and Markanam Blocks were fully diverted to the relief operations.

Supply of Food Packets and Food Items

From 26.12.2004 to 31.12.2004, Food packets were issued to the affected people with help of Panchayat Union officials and the elected bodies of the affected areas.  In the campus of Marakkanam Panchayat Union, Cooking was arranged and food packets prepared to distribute to the Tsunami hit people.

The 9500 affected people were given relief package worth of Rs. 4912/- consisting of Rs. 4000/- cash, 60 Kgms of Rice, 3 Liter Kerosene, 2 Bedsheets, 1 Dhothi and 1 saree.

The district level officers gave the essential commodities such as food, cloth, groceries and immediate medical relief.

Drinking Water supplied to the Tsunami affected villages through Aavin Tanker Lorries.

125 ml of boiled milk in the morning and evening were issued to 600 children those who were affected in Koonimedukuppam, Mudaliyarkuppam, Anichankuppam, Kilpudhupattu and Pillachavadi of Vanur and Marakanam block.

tsunrescu.jpg (21710 bytes) tsunrelif1.jpg (17348 bytes)
tsunrelif2.jpg (17173 bytes) tsunrelif3.jpg (15463 bytes)
tsunrelif4.jpg (24736 bytes) tsunrelif5.jpg (21010 bytes)
tsunrelif6.jpg (18251 bytes) tsunrelif7.jpg (20596 bytes)
tsunrelif8.jpg (24753 bytes) tsunrelifcamp.jpg (15121 bytes)

Relief Camps

14 Relief camps were opened to accommodate the affected.

37500 person were evacuated to safer place.

5 Temporary relief centers for the welfare of the children in Pudukuppam, Koonimedu kuppam, Mudaliar Kuppam, Anichankuppam and Pillachavadikuppam were constructed and the Anganwadi/school going children were accommodated in these relief Centers.

Temporary Shamiyana pandals for relief camps and medical camps were erected.

Self Help Groups are being economically assisted.

In our District in the five Tsunami Relief Camps the following number of Children are taken care of by ICDS field staffs.

Marakkanam Block :

1. Kunimedukuppam - 91 Children

2. Mudhaliyarkuppam - 35 Children

3. Anichankuppam - 74 Children

4. Pudhukuppam - 21 Children

 Vanur Block :

1. Pillaichavadi - 82 Children

All the Children are taken care of form 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the camps.

Each child is given 200 ml milk given by Aawin, Biscuit Packet given by NGO's and Noon Meal as diet by State Government per day.

Play materials and blankets, towels, oil sachets, Tooth powder and Talcum powder are provided for them by the BDO's.

Every day four Anganwadi workers and two helpers are being deputed to take care of the Children.

Each camp is provided with drinking water and toilet facilities. The things donated by NGO's and Volunteers are scrutinized by the Anganwadi workers.

Surveillance and Management

12 teams formed, 8 at Marakanam, 4 at Vanur.

Block Level Team consists of One Medical Officer, One Block Health Supervisor, One Health Inspector and One Village Health Nurse.

Carried out dis-infection, Chlorinating activities and the supervision of Village Level Teams.

A. Dis - Infection Activities

The affected villages have been disinfected with Bleaching powder, Lime and Phenyl spray daily.

Chlorinating of drinking water, OHT and all the water distributing sources.

The food hygiene have been inspected by the Food Inspector daily.

Disposable of the waste materials in the refugee accommodated areas are cleaned up daily by the Sanitary workers.

B. Entomological and Parasitological Activities

Daily Entomological collection to asses the Adult Mosquito density, Identification of Species have been carried out.

Anti - Larval work have also been carried out.

Adult Mosquito control by fogging were done in the affected villages.

Detection of fever cases were screened and treated.

Indoor residual spray for controlling the flies and mosquito.

Medical Camps

7 Medical camps conducted at 26.12.2004

Manonmani Kalyanamandapam - Kottakuppam

Shathimahal - Kottakuppam

Kuilapalayam - Government Higher Secondary School

Marakanam Government Hospital

Anumanthai Lakshmi Kalyana Mandapam

Kunimedu High School

Muthaliyarkuppam - Keelputhupattu

were installed and doing the Medical facilities to the affected people from 26.12.2004 to 01.01.2005.

Between 26.12.2004 and 01.01.2005, 4,662 cases have been treated for Injuries, Diarrhea, Fever, Myalgia, Skin and other cases.

The Medical Team consist of One Medical Officer, Two Village Health Nurses, Two Health Inspector and One Ambulance with a driver in the each camp site.

The Mobile Team consists of One Medical Officer, One Pharmacist and One Health Inspector covered the entire coastal areas of the affected villages.

The Mobile Team at Mudaliyar Kuppam were functioning 24 Hours Medical Services.

The Immunisation Activities at the affected villages :

The immunization activities started from 06.01.2005.

The immunization covers, Polio Vaccination, Administration of Vitamin a Solution and Measles Vaccination to prevent Polio and Measles which may erupt following the Natural Calamities.

This programme is planned to cover 3,459 children in the affected villages by forming 12 teams.

Each Team consists of Two Village Health Nurses, One Community Nutrition Worker, One Health Inspector.

Total No.of Patients treated as on 06.01.2005 - 7000

Cost of Medicines Utilised Rs. 1,40,000

Cost of Disinfectants & Spray Activities Rs. 60,000

tsunmedic.jpg (24413 bytes) tsunmedic2.jpg (27315 bytes)
tsunmedic3.jpg (20271 bytes) tsunmedic4.jpg (26080 bytes)

Details of Orphaned/Semi-orphaned Children

Enumeration of Orphan and Semi Orphan Children was under taken and the details given below:

a) Orphan(Above 18 years)

Sl.No. Name and Address Age Name of died persons
1. Soruba
C/o Govindan (Elder Brother) Koonimedu
21 Makalakshmi - Mother,
Narayanan - Father died before Tsunami

b) Semi-Orphan(0 - 14  years)

Sl.No. Name and Address


Name of died persons
Male Female
1. Vallaathal D/o Annamalai, Anichangkuppam - 11 Muniammal- mother
2. Sri Suba, D/o Rajkuma, Ekkiyarkuppam - 13 Shanthi - mother
3. Suthaman, S/o Govindaraj, Mudhaliyarkuppam 13 - Shaka - mother
4. Sharmis, S/o P. Mani @ Mashalmani, Koonimedu 14 - Vijaya - mother
5. Mavin S/o P. Mani @ Mashalmani, Koonemedu 12 - Vijaya - mother
6. Priyanka, S/o P. Mani @ Mashalmani, Koonemedu - 14 Anchalai - mother
7. Vinidha, S/o P. Mani @ Mashalmani, Koonemedu - 11 Anchalai - mother

b) Semi-Orphan(14 - 18 & above 18    years)

Sl.No. Name and Address


Name of died persons
14 - 18 above 18
1. Sharmila, S/o Rajkumar, Ekiyarkuppam 15 -- Shanthi - mother
2. Mowli, S/o Rajkumar, Ekiyarkuppam - 21 Shanthi - mother
3. Saranya, D/o Mani @ Mashalmani, Koonimedu 17 - Vijaya - mother
4. Punitha, D/o Pushpakaran, Koonimedu 17 - Kalaivani - mother
5. Puvana, D/o Pushpakaran, Koonimedu   19 Kalaivani - mother
6. Elavarasi, D/o Balakrishnan, Koonimedu 18 -- Aarani @ Brindhavathi - mother
7. Rajalakshmi, D/o Balakrishnan, Koonimedu 15 -- Aarani @ Brindhavathi - mother
8. Poovarasi, D/o Balakrishnan, Koonimedu -- 20 Aarani @ Brindhavathi - mother
9. K. Sujatha, D/o Naashamalli, Koonimedu -- 28 Kaliyappan - father
10. K. Prema, D/o Naakamalli, Koonimedu -- 26 Kaliyappan - father

Sets of Uniforms to 1st to 8th standard Children distributed

Male - 2875 Female - 2860

Counseling and Training for DIET BRTC Teachers organised along with Education Department as per Director's instructions.

Water Supply and Sanitation

The water tanks are placed in needy places supplied by the UNICEF, ensured the water supply to the tanks, made toilets/sanitation facilities to the affected people.

Moreover, the Drinking Water Sources are affected,  Pipe lines are damaged in the following panchayats of Marakkanam and Vanur blocks.

The Expenditure to be incurred for temporary and permanent restoration works. i.e. creation of sources, Laying of Pipe lines construction of OHTs are detailed below.

o Alapakkam Panchayat in Markanam Block

o Anumanthai Panchayat in Marakkanm Block

o Chettikuppam Panchayat in Marakanm Block

o Koonimedu Panchayat in Marakanm Block

o Keelputhupattu Panchayat in Marakanm Block

o Panichamedukuppam Panchayat in Marakanm Block

o Bommaiyar Palayam Panchayat in Vanur Block

o Kottakuppam Special Panchayat


tsunws1.jpg (22708 bytes) tsunws2.jpg (19517 bytes)

tsunws3.jpg (18065 bytes)

Construction of Temporary Sheds

It is programmed to construct 9500 No. of temporary shelters to Tsunami affected people in Viluppuram District.  Out of which 3030 No. of Temporary shelters are constructed through DRDA.  These shelters are constructed 500 meters away from sea as instructed by the Government. 102 temporary street lights were provided to drive darkness in the Tsunami Hit areas.


tsunthos1.jpg (16632 bytes) tsunthos2.jpg (20686 bytes)
tsunthos3.jpg (18926 bytes) tsunthos4.jpg (17801 bytes)

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